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New for 2012: Smith Aerospace Corp. is proud to Introduce the DOL-Fin X-20 monofin.  This new design will become our foundation monofin product for freediving markets.  (X-20 Manufacturing Schedule)

DOL-Fin X-20 Monofin 

DOL-Fin X-20

Incorporating high performance swimming attributes, ease of use, comfort and rugged durability, the X-20 is made with repeatable high-quality manufacturing processes that express the clean lines of an incredible monofin design.  The DOL-Fin X-20 is sure to revolutionize the sport of freediving.  The X-20 uses Shimano SPD shoes to achieve an ergonomic diver interface that is comfortable in both warm and cold water diving applications. [Sizes 36 to 48]

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DOL-Fin X-20 Monofin 

The DOL-Fin Orca is a purpose built freediving monofin, which offers aggressive streamlining and a modular design that can adapt to an individual freediver's demanding needs.  The Orca monofin unites the performance needs of the competitive freediver with the comfort and utility requirements of recreational freediving in a revolutionary product that will advance the sport of freediving to new levels. Download Printable DOL-Fin Orca Brochure

DOL-Fin Orca
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MSRP  $1500 (US)

Due to the extensive investment of time required to assemble each unit, DOL-Fin Orca monofins are available on a limited basis.  If you are interested in a DOL-Fin Orca contact us for availability and lead time estimates.
DOL-Fin Orca 

The DOL-Fin Classic and DOL-Fin HP are the first monofins to incorporate a highly efficient low-area hydrofoil fin, which minimizes body pitching to allow use with SCUBA equipment. These monofins have a playful feel in the water and are simply a delight to swim with; but they will propel you like a marine predator. The DOL-Fin can transform your SCUBA activities into a new diving sport resembling that of a freediver capable of breathing underwater.

DOL-Fin Classic

The original DOL-Fin design and the most simple and functionally robust monofin in our product lineup.  The Classic uses single point screw fasteners for the fin attachment and is intended for non-critical recreational use only.

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DOL-Fin Classic
DOL-Fin HP (High Performance)

The HP takes the architecture of the DOL-Fin Classic, but incorporates a more sophisticated hydrofoil fin that is 20% more efficient at thrust production.  The HP's fin also folds for ease of transportation and uses redundent screw fasteners for the fin attachment to improve reliability.

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