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Calendar of Events

In 2015, Smith Aerospace Corp. is planning to hold several demonstrations for DOL-Fin products at various locations throughout the year.  Dates and locations have not been set at this time, but likely locations may include California, Washington, Florida, Michigan and Sonora Mexico.  Other locations may be added to this list, so please check back frequently if you are interested in attending.

If you have dive club or dive store affiliations and would like to host a demonstration, please contact me, and we'll see if we can coordinate a date for the event. 

Ron Evan Smith
CEO: Smith Aerospace Corp.

Dive Trips and DOL-Fin Demonstrations

  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida boat trip to Bahamas (July 3-10, 2015)
    We are planning to do a weeklong boat trip to get some good videos of the DOL-Fin products in action.  It is in the early stages of planning and the dates may change.
  • Freedive-a-Palooza at Lk. Wazee Wisconsin, USA (July 17-19, 2015)
    Though not committed to attending at this time, we are interested in attending this event in 2015 and will attempt to work it into our schedule.  (Notice Pending)

Dive Shows and Upcoming Events

  • DEMA Show
    Las Vegas Nevada (November 19-22, 2014)

    The Dive Equipment and Manufacturers Association Show is for members of the diving industry and is not open to the general diving public.  Ron Smith will be helping out and displaying DOL-Fin products at the DeeperBlue booth.  If you need access to the show may be able to help.  Let us know, and we will see what we can do.
  • Airventure, Oshkosh Wisconsin (July 20-26, 2015)
    Smith Aerospace Corp. is considering attending the largest air-show in the world.  There could be a market for our new X-20 monofin among seaplane pilots.  The DOL-Fin Pilot's small travel size and light weight could make it an attractive water-sports product to accompany sea plane trips, and its unique aerospace origins will have a definite appeal to pilots.