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DOL-Fin X-20

Designed for freediving, the DOL-Fin X-20 achieves the superior efficiency freedivers have come to expect from hyperfin style monofins, but can deliver it over much wider speed and power ranges. Whether you pull back the power to optimize range for a max-dynamic performance, or are thrusting hard against a large negative buoyancy at the bottom of a deep dive, the X-20 delivers consistent high-performance thrust with superior comfort and durability beyond the expectations of even recreational freediving fins. With the DOL-Fin X-20 behind you, no longer will you have to contend with uncomfortable foot pockets and expensive hyperfins that only last 1 or 2 years in order to achieve top level freediving performance. This monofin is rock solid and will not disappoint.

The X-20's hydrofoil is supported on an exoskeletal frame that uses Shimano SPD shoes as the interface to the diver's feet, making this one of the most stable and comfortable monofins ever produced.  Shoe sizes span Euro 36 to 48.  Sizes 36 to 39 use the WR-35 shoe which has a white top with grey trim and black soles.  Sizes 40 to 48 use the RT-32 shoe which has a black top with grey trim and black soles.  Pictures of each color scheme are available in the Gallery.  The X-20's shoes have modified SPD clips that have a protective coating of zinc-phosphate applied to them for additional corrosion resistance.  The shoes unbolt from the X-20's exoskeletal frame allowing the SPD clips, the shoes, or both to be easily replaced when needed. 

The X-20 has several adjustments that divers can use to get a custom feel and performance from their monofin.  In addition to 3 standard hydrofoil sizes selected at the time of purchase based on biometrics of height and weight, there are more than 6 different user adjustable combinations available for the X-20's hydrofoil to compensate for different levels of ankle flexibility and core strength.  A diver can find the setting that works best for them, and then update the setting as needed to keep their monofin in tune with their swimming capabilities as they become stronger and more flexible with training.

The X-20 is a modular system with replaceable parts, so this monofin can last as long as you want it to last. Its robust modular construction also makes traveling a breeze. The X-20 can generally fit into a standard large suitcase.  If you need it more compact still, just remove 4 small screws and this sturdy monofin disassembles leaving plenty of luggage room to spare. The X-20 functions like our high end DOL-Fin Orca monofin, but without the streamlining.  This simplification retains more than 90% of the Orca's performance, for less than 60% of the Orca's cost.  It also can accommodate a much wider range of sizes, bringing DOL-Fin monofin technology within reach of nearly all freedivers.  The DOL-Fin X-20 monofin is ready to revolutionize the sport of freediving.

 Specifications Are Size Dependent

Specification Table English Metric
Length 22 to 25.5 inches 56 to 65 cm
Width (span tip-to-tip) 37, 42, 47 inches 94, 107, 119 cm
Width (with fin tips folded) 25, 30, 35 inches 63, 76, 89 cm
Height 6.0 to 6.4 inches 15 to 16 cm
Weight 3.9 to 4.8 pounds 1.8 to 2.2 Kg
Color Black and Gold





Fin Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Fin Tips Polyethylene  Plastic
Base Plate Anodized 5052 Aluminum
Shimano Shoes Size 36-39, WR-35 (White&Grey); Size 40-48, RT-32 (Black&Grey),
Fin Suspension Elastomer & Nylon Composite w/ Polyethylene Guides
Hardware Stainless Steel

Download DOL-Fin X-20 Owner's Manual

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